“My skin has been transformed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Rosie, 18, Skin 689
“MUM’S KNOW BEST! A great product, my skin has never looked better! Recommended by my mother, who has being trying to convince me to use this product and others in the EOS range since I was 16. I’ve finally took her advice and I’m so pleased with the results.”
Charles, 19, EOS Gold
“Brilliant, just brilliant. Natural products that really work!”
Sara, 23, EOS Range
“This product is great. It has cleared up my psoriasis which I have been suffering with for years.”
John, 45, Satura
“My hair is looking thicker and is certainly much stronger than before. I have noticed growth , particular on areas that were previously sparse. I am very pleased with this product, thank you for the brilliant advice and help.”
Andrea, 48, Satura
“My skin has never looked better. I brought a selection from this range a while ago from the Beresford Clinic, I am very pleased with the results and how long it’s lasted me.”
Adam, 31, EOS Range
“It’s amazing. It soaks into the skin perfectly and leaves my skin feeling soft and replenished.”
Donna, 35, Skin 689
“Cellulite, what cellulite? Definitely Switzerland’s best kept secret, so glad I was recommended this product.”
Jemma, 33, Skin 689
“I’ve suffered with hair thinning and loss due to stress and illness, the products I was recommended by the staff at dermarella have been the only ones that have REALLY worked after 3 years of struggling! I am so grateful for all their help.”
Racheal, 17, Satura
“An anti-cellulite cream that actually works, beautifully scented and leaves my skin feeling smooth…. what more could I want!“
Bellinda, 56, Skin 689
“My face has never felt so moisturised and hydrated since using this mask!“
Rebecca, 25, Skin 689
“I’m so so pleased to have FINALLY found a product that actually works!”
Cayla, 21, Skin 689
“I just want to say thankyou for your wonderful products. I have always had problematic skin- I borrowed a friends EOS Gold and after one use could see an improvement in my acne. I love this product and wouldn’t be without it now. Directions are clear and easy to follow on the box. I have even gone on to purchase the EOS Platinum to use as my everyday skincare. AMAZING!.”
Chantelle, 27, EOS range
“I have always fantasied about having long lashes! Always comparing my lashes to the woman you see on tv and in magazines. Finally I can be one of those women having found the Satura Rosta eyelash balm! Fantastic!”
Nicole, 24 , Satura
“I love my unblemished skin!!! I am 42yrs old and have had always suffered with acne!! WOW- My skin has never been this marvelous in all my life!!! I saw results immediately…. I love this product and will continue to use it and recommend it to all my friends and family.”
Becky, 42, EOS range
“YIPPIE, no more dandruff! At last, I was getting so frustrated and upset, not to mention self-conscious about my flakey scalp. My prescription treatments didn’t help and the ‘popular’ products sold in the shop only seemed to aggravate it more. I am very thankful to have found this product. ☺ I have since recommended it to my dad and now he uses it too!”
Alice, 23, Satura
I bought Skin 689 anti cellulite from dermarella before they had a website. I have been amazed and left speechless- I have tried all lotions and potions to get rid of my cellulite and it hasn’t worked. I tell you now Skin 689 really works!! My cellulite is no longer visible! So thrilled they now have a website, now I can order online- and see the other ranges! Fantastic!!
Maggie, 57