Antiseptic skin treatment for enlarged pores, rash, inflammation, swelling, redness, rosacea and itchy skin.

Eos® Platinum Plus is a natural product (Toxicologically Certified). The lotion is for all facial skin types. It contains plant and mineral substances working in synergy. The plant bioactive substances stimulate the physiological activity of tissues, increase skin vitality and keep the skin firm. Mineral substances help eliminate various skin defects such as irregular contours, mild skin rash, uneven pigmentation, large pores and visibly dilated capillaries on the face.

The lotion has a good preventative antiviral effect. It helps eliminate skin papillomas and flat warts, has antiseptic wound healing properties and has a soothing and antiallergenic effect. When used regularly the lotion makes the skin smooth and firm.

  • Skin rashes, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores ‘orange peel’, skin papillomas, flat warts and visibly dilated capillaries, blackheads, demodex, acne and rosacea.

Part of the EOS® Acne Complex Treatment System.