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A: We believe in our products and want you to be 100% satisfied. If for any reason you are you not satisfied then please ring us or send us an email.
A: We currently do not have an exchange policy. Only returns.
A: 3 and 5 working days
A: Not all of our ranges supply samples. However, some ranges do provide us with samples. If you make a purchase of a product, a sample might just be on the way to you with your order.
A: The products all have instructions of how to use them on the packaging. If you have any queries on how to use the product, do not hesitate to email us. You can find our email on the ‘contact us’ tab. We can then use your question to inform others on our FAQ’s page.
A: This product is part of an everyday skin care regime. If your skin has flared up then it can be used twice daily, and applied with a cotton pad, all over the area affected. If your skin is clear and you have a few pesky pimples, then soaking a cotton bud in the liquid and applying it onto the affected areas, for about 5 mins, once a day. Use sparingly if you have fair/stroke sensitive skin.
A: This product can be used on any area of the skin that is being affected, whether that is your face, neck, back, chest area etc.
A: Yes, this is normal of this product, give it a firm and good shake before application.
A: All the EOS range is designed to help reduce the appearance of acne. They have formulated the EOS Acne Complex Treatment System, which involves; the EOS Platinum which is a deep cleanser to prepare the skin in advance for usage of EOS Gold and EOS Platinum Plus. The EOS Gold, could be used when your acne has flared up, to reduce the spots and redness, and then the EOS Platinum Plus can be used as part of a daily skin care regime as maintenance.
The Satura Rosta would be the product for you. It is a universal treatment for all types of hair loss for both male and female. More information regarding this product can be found on the products page.
A. It is recommended to use these masks at least once a week, for intense hydration and a deep moisturising fusion, leaving your skin feeling amazing! We sell them individually or as a pack of 5.

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